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So Chris has finally made it back from his latest overseas jaunt, this time in rarely visited Bangladesh where he was working on another human rights initiative. As usual, he has returned from his latest mission with a number of inappropriate anecdotes but hardly any photos to show for his misadventures (he likes to pretend he was Read More →

As an ex-London commuter I have a deep hatred of all things underground-related  (or ‘subway-related’, for my American friends). Which is why I never thought I’d find myself saying that I love the circle line - albeit that the circle line I now love is a bit different to that yellow thing running around central Read More →

I try to be a responsible traveller and do my best to support local people, community enterprises, and dedicate my time to long-term volunteering. But I’m guilty of something. I have engaged in bad tourism practice by riding on the back of an elephant during an overnight jungle trek in Cambodia. The trek was promoted Read More →

One of the first things I noticed when we arrived in Myanmar after leaving behind my beloved Cambodia was how friendly and photogenic the locals are. We met some wonderful characters such as Mr Toe (see below), who started chatting to us in a local pub and with whom we ended up speaking and drinking all night long. He was Read More →

In 3 days, after a little over two years, our stay in Cambodia comes to an end. It is difficult to know where to begin to sum up what our experience has been like. The fact we came here for six months and then stayed for 26 tells its own brief story. But in this Read More →

I spent last week in Bangkok taking part in a UN entry test. By which I mean almost inevitably failing a UN entry test. It was a grueling exam for their Young Professional Program that lasted 4.5 hours in total and to make matters worse, the whole thing was a written exam. Which bearing in Read More →

Since the trekking season to Everest Base Camp has just started I have been receiving a few emails from readers about what to pack for this trek. I am currently going over my packing list for various treks for our upcoming South America move, and so I know how confusing it can be, so I Read More →

When I moved to Cambodia two years ago one of the first snacks I was introduced to was like something out of my worst nightmares. I was once on my way to a field trip with work and when we stopped for a break a lady with a basket full of fried tarantulas on her Read More →