Having lived and worked in the UK for eight years, it breaks my heart to see the division and hostility increasingly rampant in a country I still have such fond feelings for. As such, and in a slight departure from our usual travel blog, may I offer a few humble thoughts which might reduce tensions before hatred fully takes root in what had always seemed to me to be a generally open and tolerant society:


Europe is beautiful – This photo was taken during a weekend break to Florence

1. UK Government – if you win your Article 50 appeal, get on with triggering it. If you lose, let parliament fully and openly debate the implications of triggering A50, free from the exaggerations and downright lies which both the Remain and Leave camps were, to varying extents, guilty of.

2. UK Parliamentarians – once you’ve had your debate and helped (somewhat belatedly) inform UK citizens about the actual implications of leaving the EU, nonetheless respect the referendum result and trigger Article 50, even if individually you hate the prospect of doing so.


During an unforgettable break in Madrid for my 30th birthday

3. EU – negotiate the UK’s departure terms in good faith, while in parallel acknowledging (if not necessarily agreeing with) the millions of citizens across the EU who, rightly or wrongly (I say very wrongly, but…), have concerns about the free movement of people.  Then make some clever legislative amendments to assuage the more legitimate concerns, without trampling on the central principle that arbitrary lines in the sand should never stop us exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and cementing new bonds.

4. UK citizens – once the two year negotiating period is over, take a look at what a reformed Europe 2.0 looks like. Then compare and contrast this against whatever Brexit will actually look like. Then have a second vote based upon an informed understanding of your actual options, as opposed to the best-guesses and myths peddled to you in Referendum 1.0.


During a visit to the beautiful wine region in Germany

5. Everyone – in the meantime, be calm and tolerant and realise that just because some people look a little bit different to you, or sound a little bit different to you, or think a little bit different to you, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. Walk with them, talk with them, and if you’re anything like me, drink heavily with them. But most importantly of all, never let hate win!

Best of luck my British amigos, from a German/honorary-Brit/European/citizen of the world, who is, and always will be, rooting for you. And remember:

“Nobody wins, unless everybody wins!” – Bruce Springsteen

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Tammy & Chris are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between them they are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football. Find out why they stopped pushing pens around the British civil service to travel the world on their blog.

11 Thoughts on “Brexit – Finding a middle ground?

  1. Tammy should be president of the EU!!

    • Tammyonthemove on November 4, 2016 at 6:26 pm said:

      Ha, unfortunately I think we still need to wait a few more years until people could calmly accept a German as President of the EU 🙂

  2. Heard that European people are loving and passionate to all.
    Chris Bernstein recently posted…IM with Jamie ReviewMy Profile

  3. That will be the best political step but…

  4. Tammy and Chris, I agree with your points. Whether we voted leave or remain, now that leave won the majority in the referendum we should just get on with it.

    I love that you are traveling around the world and really experiencing life. I work online so can move away too. We left London 18 months ago, to move to….. the Midlands. Well it’s a step to get out of the London ‘bubble’. Seeing everyone so tired in the trains go to and from work was depressing for me.

    We are planning to move to Thailand in 2 years time. Probably Chiang Mai. Put our kids in school there too. Nothing beats an education in life. Have you travelled in Thailand and any recommendations?
    Leo Tat recently posted…Folate vs. Folic Acid: What’s the Difference? (Not the Same)My Profile

    • Tammyonthemove on April 11, 2017 at 1:37 pm said:

      Hi Leo, thanks for your message. Sounds very exciting and I don’t blame you for wanting to move to Chiang Mai. It seems to be very popular with expats right now due to the weather and cheap living costs. Unfortunately I have never been to that part of Thailand. I have only been to Bangkok a few times which I really liked. Good luck with the move!

  5. nice article to read.. worth. 🙂

  6. Hi Tammy
    I totally agree with you for Brexit!
    And about the “hate”, ugly thing

  7. Hello Tammy & Chris

    Just finished your beautifully written article and what stunning photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Travel blogger from India

  8. Sounds very exciting and I don’t blame you for wanting to move to Chiang Mai. It seems to be very popular with expats right now due to the weather and cheap living costs

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