Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a beautiful city with lots of exciting neighborhoods, or barrios, to explore. There are also lovely hotels in Buenos Aires in each of these barrios, and each barrio, whether it is the famous La Boca, Palermo, San Telmo, or Recoleta, has got its own charm and something unique to discover. This guide explains what these four famous Buenos Aires barrios have on offer.

San Telmo

San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires – it was established in the 17th century. It was first home to the working class, mainly brick-makers and dockworkers, but eventually attracted richer inhabitants who started building their impressive mansions besides the gorgeous cobble-stoned streets. In late 1800, many European immigrants then started settling in San Telmo, turning it into a highly multicultural neighbourhood.

San Telmo is now a bohemian area with many antique shops, little cafes, and many tango clubs, also called milongas. Every Sunday, San Telmo hosts a street market where you can buy anything from stunning antiques to lovely souvenirs.Around the market are street performers and musicians that turn San Telmo into a big street party.

La Boca

Boca is the Spanish word for mouth and this quirky neighborhood got its name because it lies at the mouth of the river that runs through this barrio. La Boca used to only consist of shipyards and houses for people who worked in the shipyards. In 1960, the local artist Benito Quinquela started painting the walls in the abandoned street of Caminito, and soon many other artists started opening their workshops and studios in Caminito as well. This colorful street is now a major tourist attraction in Buenos Aires and although very busy, it is definitely a must-see.

Caminito isn’t the only attraction in La Boca though, as La Boca is also home to the famous football stadium of the Boca Juniors – La Bombonera. You can tour the stadium quite easily, but it is of course far more exciting to see the stadium during a match, especially during the local match between Boca Juniors and River Plate.


Recoleta is the poshest and most affluent neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is home to many museums, green spaces, chic cafes, restaurants and boutiques, but is probably most famous for the Recoleta Cemetary. The cemetery is almost a town in itself with an area covering 55,000 square miles. It is the resting place for the rich and famous, but the most well-known occupants are Argentina’s former First Lady Eva Peron, and the writer Jose Hernandez.


Palermo is the largest barrio in Buenos Aires. It is a very bohemian, yet trendy neighborhood full of cafes, bars, restaurants and night clubs. It also has many shared workspaces for freelancers, start-ups and self-employed people who use these open office spaces to get their work done. If you are looking for an area to go out in and mingle with locals and backpackers alike, Palermo is definitely the area to go to.

Which of these barrios sound most appealing to you?


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