As you may have gathered by now I am something of a travel addict and to a large extent I don’t mind where I’m going, as long as I’m going somewhere. Having said that, of all the countries in the world I’ve been to if there was one where I had to stay forever, it would be Italy.

When I mentally score a country for tourism value there are a number of criteria I use including activities, sights, art, music, climate, the people, history, and, if I’m honest, the food. And Italy certainly scores highly on all of them! I’ve been lucky enough to visit a large number of Italian cities and regions, not least because my husband is of Italian decent.


But of all the cities in Italy I think Rome, the Eternal City, has to be my favourite. Partly because it was the destination for my first ever backpacking holiday when I was 18 years old, but partly because there are so many great things to see and places to stay. Rome draws millions of visitors to famous sites such as the Vatican, the Forum Romanum, and the Colosseum every year. I also love all of the little piazzas though where you can people-watch for hours and relax with a Cappuccino, a pizza, and some of the best ice cream in the world. In the evenings I loved going to the Spanish steps which is usually full of young people from all over the world. There is bound to be a musician with a guitar in the crowd too and what better way to end an evening than listening to some live music surrounded by such a historic backdrop.


So one day if I win the lottery, or failing that just find a job which builds up a half-decent pension, then I would love to retire to the Eternal City. Whatever happens though there is no doubt I will be back one day, not least because I threw a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain which, according to the tradition, means I am destined to return to Rome!

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