I’ve just finished celebrating my first birthday in the sunny tropics but, it seems, not much else changes: Chris extended his no-birthday-present record to an unbeaten run of 10 years; the German football team is beating everything that stands in our way; and England fans are back to believing this year might the one after-all…..

My actual birthday fell on a Wednesday this year – which is universally accepted as being the most pants possibility in the seven year birthday cycle – but this year I beat the mid-week blues by celebrating both the weekend in advance and the weekend after.
birthday cakeBirthday cake from my lovely colleagues

So pre-birthday Saturday began with a few friends at the Latin Quarter eating tapas, drinking wine, and trying to dance like Shakira Shakira (Chris scored well on two out of the three tasks – the third was just plain wrong).

Hmmm, tapas
Latin lady blowing on a big trombone
Her hips don’t lie
We then made our way to the rather cool little sports bar Score to catch Germany’s opening game, where, predictably, we won.
Germany camped out in the Portugal goal area – again
Is there any better sight in the world than a sulky Ronaldo. Ahhhh, diddums…

My post-birthday Friday was spent watching the lower ranked teams battling it out to see who gets to lose in the knock-out phases. So England versus Sweden and stuff like that……..

England versus France

So all in all a very satisfying birthday weekend. Just need to remember to book Monday 2 July off work now so I’m not too tired after the final. Not something the English will have to worry about, I’d imagine. 🙂

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