When you want to get away from everyday life, there is no better place to visit than an island — somewhere surrounded by water, offering an idyllic, natural escape. There are some island destinations that many tourists visit every year, like Honolulu, Hawaii; Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; and St. George, Bermuda. But there are also exotic islands that are much lesser-known, offering a peaceful and beautiful escape. Discover 5 exotic islands you’ll want to visit before you die.



Mustique is a tiny private Island located in the Caribbean Sea, and it is known as one of the most exclusive, yet naturally beautiful islands in that area of the world. Part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mustique is actually owned by the Mustique Company, which rents out private villas and rooms in two small hotels. Mustique is known for its white sand, crystal clear waters, and remote ambiance. It has attracted celebrities including Prince Philip and Paul McCartney.


This island in French Polynesia is the one of the best places to go if you want to feel like you’re worlds away from modern day living. Taha’a is known for its production of vanilla beans, and visitors will find that the sweet smell wafts through the air as they lie on the beach or wander the island. The island has a selection of lodging options and is a destination for anyone interested in studying Polynesian culture, nature, and ecosystems.

Kodiak Island

Different from an exotic ocean island featuring beaches and resorts, Kodiak Island is an island off the southern coast of Alaska, offering visitors an unforgettable experience in the wilderness. The island features mountains, forests, and deep bays where boats can easily come and go. Kodiak Island is an excellent fishing destination and place for people who want a glimpse into the stunning natural life of the Pacific Northwest.

Easter Island

Easter Island is technically part of Chile, but it lies far away in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island’s history is rich and turbulent, and today the island a place of beautiful native architecture, historical attractions, and unforgettable natural sites. Visit the Crater of the Rano Kau Volcano and the giant turtles that swim in Hanga Roa Harbour. Easter Island is a great place to get a little bit of history and culture in paradise.

Santa Cruz Island

Long known for the beautiful sea life and remote location, the Galapagos Islands are a must-see for anyone who is looking to experience something exotic. Santa Cruz Island, the second largest of the Galapagos Islands, is only 381 square miles. Santa Cruz’s most famous residents are its ancient tortoises, which can live to be 150 years old. Come to Santa Cruz Island to see these beautiful creatures or experience one of the legendary underground lava tubes. The natural scenery of this island is simply a can’t-miss.


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