Hunger-satisfying, fun and an effective means of social bonding, the humble barbeque is an important cooking method that has continued to evolve and flourish since the dawn of time. From the sun-drenched sands of Australia to the sangria-happy inhabitants of Spain, people from a diverse array of cultures and geographic locations all have this one tradition in common. Whether you’re just plain curious or after a few new BBQ ideas, below you will find five barbequed meals from around the world that will soon have your taste buds watering and your tongue hanging out in drooling desire.

Snags and Prawns

The Australian tradition of the snags and prawns on the barbie is one that will most likely never die, with the words ‘throw another prawn on the barbie’ being a well-known catch-cry for the people of the country. Getting the family and friends over for a BBQ is one that brings people together for music, laughter and general hijinks, in the typical Australian way of course.

Churrasco con Chimichurri

Imagine succulent grass-fed beef, marinated in herbs and spices and cooked over a wood fire, on a grill plate; you now have a clear vision of what this tasty Argentinian dish looks like. For extra smokey flavour throw a few wood chips into the fire while cooking and it will be sure to delight anyone that tastes it. Remember to also rest the meat before serving it to ensure that it is not tough.


American Barbeque

The American Barbeque is synonymous with fun, music and good food. It originated from the poorer times when farmers would find a pig and grill it on the barbeque, often marinating it while it is on the grill, with whatever herbs or spices they had available. Most American BBQs use specific types of wood to give the meat a particular flavour; in Texas they use mesquite brush, but hickory and oak are popular in most places. Wherever you go in America you are bound to find a BBQ fired up somewhere as this is a country that has BBQ’s Galore!

Korean Barbeque

The Korean Barbeque has become a well-known food tradition, with Korean BBQ restaurants springing up all over the world, allowing patrons to cook their own food. Customers choose their meats and vegetables and have their own grill plate at the table where they can cook their meat piece by piece to succulent perfection. If you haven’t tried a Korean BBQ, it’s a must-do, fun-filled experience for the whole family.

Spanish Grilled Spring Onions

A Spanish dish that utilises the humble spring onion provides a delicious dish to accompany any meal. The onions are toasted on a BBQ until black on the outside, and often eaten with swordfish, lightly dressed with sherry vinegar, or arranged under a fish in the grill. However you have them, they make an excellent fish accompaniment, and are a great way to eat these tasty vegetables that grow abundantly in practically every country in the world.


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