South Africa has some of the most incredible wildlife reserves and it would be a mistake to visit without observing at least one of them. You should, however, make sure you come prepared for extreme conditions, as well as any mishaps that might occur along the way. It’s easy to become so immersed in the experience that you leave something behind or damage something important. Here are four essential items to bring to South Africa’s game reserves that will improve your experience.

1. Secure Backpack

Travelling along the plains of South Africa is no easy feat. With a lot of ground to cover, you’ll want a nice compact backpack to lighten the journey just a bit. The selection of backpacks offered at Bags To Go, for instance, will give you an idea of what you’re after (click here to see some examples). Essentially, it needs to be portable and contain no more than what you need. For valuable items, it might be worth bringing a couple of zip lock bags to avoid potential damage from rain, mud, or anything else.

2. Enhancers

To enhance the game reserve experience, be sure to have a camera and a good set of binoculars on you at all times. You will regret not being able to magnify the beautiful safari wildlife and nature surrounding you each day, so binoculars at the very least is crucial. You don’t necessarily need anything fancy when it comes to cameras, unless you are a professional photographer. You could capture everything from your phone, or you could pay $100 or so for a Polaroid camera (a worthy investment for travelling in general). You might also like to keep a journal to document your stay. All in all, you’ll want something to remember this journey by.

3. Suitable Clothing

While the days are likely to be hot, the evenings tend to cool down tremendously, so bring at least one jacket. Lots of clothing shouldn’t be at the top of your list of things to pack, as you’ll be travelling a lot and will want as light a load as possible. Your most prized possessions will no doubt be your hat and sunglasses, for obvious reasons.

4. Practical Items

Cruising the game reserves exposes you to an extreme climate and unpredictable circumstances. With this in mind, remember to bring a small travel pack of hand

wipes. People have also been known to bring eye droplets due to the dry weather. And, of course, sunscreen should go without saying.

These are not so much four items as they are four groups containing various other items. It is difficult to round the essentials done to a one-digit number because there is so much to consider when planning a trip to South Africa. If you’re from the Western world, you’ll find the culture to be vastly different, as well as the expectations of you as a guest. Visit the reserves with this notion in mind and after a great deal of planning and you’ll find this to be an unbeatable experience.

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