life in ghana girl

Last weekend, Chris and I celebrated our six month anniversary in Ghana – by which I mean we’ve been in Ghana for six months, not that we’ve been together for six months! Being ex-civil servants we like to introduce as much bureaucracy into our lives as possible, and as such thought it only proper to Read More →

Arequipa frog juice tammy

After eating steamed maggots in the Ecuadorian Amazon and fried Tarantula in Cambodia, I thought I’d seen it all. When I moved to Arequipa last year though, my Peruvian friends told me about a mysterious drink I should try  – jugo de rana, or frog juice. I was both intrigued and disgusted by the thought of drinking Read More →

learning a foreign language

Since leaving the UK in 2011, Chris and I have been lucky enough to live in some of the most beautiful corners of the world. Whenever we find ourselves in a new location we try, to varying degrees, to learn at least some of the local language. We have tried to learn Spanish in South America, Read More →

welsh three peaks challenge snowdon summit

If you have followed this blog for any period of time, you may have noticed that if I was a super-hero, my mortal weakness would be mountains – see here and here for earlier examples of my epic fails. So when Chris decided to attempt the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge last weekend, my head told me just Read More →

elmina castle canon

At his whim, the Governor stood on his balcony to select one of the 400 female slaves gathered below to be his ‘mistress’ for the day. A purpose-built staircases led directly from women’s dungeons straight to the Governor’s quarters. In return for being at the mercy of the Governor’s sexual fantasies, the terrified women received a proper Read More →

busua beach boat

Chris and I have only been in Ghana for a few months but we’ve already been lucky enough to receive our first visitor. Anyone who has lived overseas for a while will know how exciting it is to be visited by someone from back home. It’s a little hard to explain why exactly, but I Read More →

rural africa children

Shortly before leaving the UK for Ghana, Chris managed to land a job with a great local NGO called the Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI). As part of his induction to the organisation, in mid-March he paid a visit to the team’s headquarters in a village called Humjibre, Western Ghana. He returned from his Read More →

Lifeventure ultralite packable daysack original

For long-term travels I usually travel with a 65l backpack and a 35l daypack. In my daypack, also known as my mobile office, I usually store my laptop, a book, a jacket, my DSLR camera, and other electronics and valuables, so I need a fair bit of space. However, on short sightseeing trips I always find that my daypack is far Read More →