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“Man overboard, quickly grab the rope”, said our white water rafting guide Roberto to one of our crew who had just fallen into category four strong rapids in the Chili river and was in danger of being dragged under, hitting one of the many big boulders on the way. I have tried white water rafting before in Brazil and although Read More →

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A lot of people loath packing, but I actually love it. Before each trip I carefully draft a packing list and tick it off one by one to ensure I don`t forget anything. Yes, I may be a bit OCD and an overly organized German, but at least I can now provide you guys with Read More →

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Floodings, draughts and the melting of the ice caps; some think that climate change is a problem only facing our generation, but it is actually thought to have affected ancient civilizations as well (albeit for different reasons). On my recent visit to Trujillo I was surprised to find out how climate change may have even wiped Read More →

colca canyon trek condor

I don`t think I have ever felt so much pain in my life. Every step I took up the steep incline in the dark was like torture and I knew that it would be a very long morning before I would be relieved and finally reach the summit. The Colca Canyon trek in Peru was Read More →

arequipa peru misti

It usually takes me a little time to fall in love with a city. Over the years I have visited Berlin numerous times and after a while I really started to enjoy its rebelliousness, the street art and liberalism. I also liked Phnom Penh when I first got there, but it was only after living there for a Read More →


When we visited Brazil for the World Cup this year I was delighted to be able return to Rio de Janeiro, a city I visited in 2007 and have wanted to return to ever since. There is something magical about Rio, nestled as it is between a majestic coastline and rugged mountains. Rio is obviously home to Read More →


As a lucky/long-suffering wife of an ex-Royal Marine, I’ve become used to sharing his love of the sea. As such, here are my tips for getting the most out of your time spent enjoying a life on the ocean waves. 1. Think ahead to get the most out of your shore leave Hopefully everyone booking Read More →

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Having survived three attempted bag-snatches or muggings over the past three years – yep, only attempted as the would-be thieves were clearly too scared of my right hook since I’ve received boxing training from a Cuban Olympic coach in Cambodia. – I know all too well that pickpocketing is common during travels and that every traveller Read More →