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Floodings, draughts and the melting of the ice caps; some think that climate change is a problem only facing our generation, but it is actually thought to have affected ancient civilizations as well (albeit for different reasons). On my recent visit to Trujillo I was surprised to find out how climate change may have even wiped Read More →

colca canyon trek condor

I don`t think I have ever felt so much pain in my life. Every step I took up the steep incline in the dark was like torture and I knew that it would be a very long morning before I would be relieved and finally reach the summit. The Colca Canyon trek in Peru was Read More →

arequipa peru misti

It usually takes me a little time to fall in love with a city. Over the years I have visited Berlin numerous times and after a while I really started to enjoy its rebelliousness, the street art and liberalism. I also liked Phnom Penh when I first got there, but it was only after living there for a Read More →


When we visited Brazil for the World Cup this year I was delighted to be able return to Rio de Janeiro, a city I visited in 2007 and have wanted to return to ever since. There is something magical about Rio, nestled as it is between a majestic coastline and rugged mountains. Rio is obviously home to Read More →


As a lucky/long-suffering wife of an ex-Royal Marine, I’ve become used to sharing his love of the sea. As such, here are my tips for getting the most out of your time spent enjoying a life on the ocean waves. 1. Think ahead to get the most out of your shore leave Hopefully everyone booking Read More →

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Having survived three attempted bag-snatches or muggings over the past three years – yep, only attempted as the would-be thieves were clearly too scared of my right hook since I’ve received boxing training from a Cuban Olympic coach in Cambodia. – I know all too well that pickpocketing is common during travels and that every traveller Read More →

san pedro de atacama star gazing tour moon

I rarely leave home without my trusted camera so I have been fortunate enough to capture a number of memorable images during my travels around the world – but of all of the photos I have taken, perhaps my favourite were taken not of this world, but from beyond. On our way to back to Read More →

Lifeproof iphone case review dust proof

When I bought my beloved iPhone last year I was petrified that I would drop it one day, not least because I am probably the clumsiest person in the world. I know so many people who have dropped their iPhone resulting in cracked screens or worse. So before we embarked on our South American adventure I Read More →